Two tournaments in a week

As you probably know by now, after the bad loss in Basel I decided to fly back to Sweden for our Davis Cup tie against Latvia. And what should have been a quick match yesterday turned out to become yet another five set match for Johan Brunström and me. Having controlled the match from the first point of the match until the third set started. There we messed things up a bit and let them back into the match. And as it often happens when you do that, you opponents start to play better and better.

They started serving better and returning better. So they won the third said by simply beating us. But I think the fourth set was ours to win with a lot of chances to break. Twice 0-40 and once 15-40. We should at least break once there and hopefully have ended the match in four sets. But…exciting matches are always more fun to watch right…? I am very happy that we managed to come out stronger in the fifth and break them in their first service game of the set and then hold our serves to the end.

To win in Davis Cup is always something special and the feeling is more or less impossible to recreate on the tour. And that me and Johan now have a 6-0 record sits very well with me. As I said in the press conference after the match I know all matches have not been in the world group, but a win is a win to me and having been able to help Sweden out is all I care about.

This tie was a little different for me in a way that I got the special treatment because of me and Lukasz trying to reach the Masters in London. We still have a chance to reach it, slim as it may be, but our captain Fidde Rosengren understood my priorities for this tie. I would come if I lost and I would go to Paris as soon as possible. Not ideal for a team match, but this time it had to be this way.

So this is where I am now, in Paris. Having followed my boys on livescore all day. And I can tell you, it is more nerve racking looking at a livescore then watching the match live. Playing is always when I feel the least nervous.

But I have been getting the reports from the sideline all day chatting with the guys that were there supporting. And I am very happy that we manage to win 3-2. To win 3-2 or 5-0 doesn't matter in my book. How you win doesn't matter as long as you win. The scoreline of the win doesn't change the outcome. We live to fight another day.