No more London baby.

The experience of participating in the year-end masters is over for this year. Ad it didn’t disappoint, it never does. The experience is always amazing no matter how you do. This year I finally managed to pass the group stage for the first time and me and Lukasz finally produced the tennis we wished we would have for the whole season. Australia was back for us and we put ourselves in a good position to win the whole tournament. This year’s tournament brought the most happiness for me but also the biggest disappointment.

The last match hurts and will hurt for the whole off season. Hope it ends there…

Since Lukasz came back in Beijing after his injury we have been practicing hard and with great quality. Played a lot of points in practice and done it well. When you practice hard and well, results normally come. Normally… Even though we didn’t have the results we wanted in the tournaments leading up to the World Tour Finals, we were still playing good in practice. So coming to London we took comfort in that and we were extremely hungry.

The first match against Bob and Mike is one of the most amazing matches I have played. Full house at the O2 and we went toe to toe against the world number 1s. Beating Bob and Mike is always an amazing feeling but doing it at a venue like that, in front a huge crowd like that in a tournament like that…well, it doesn’t get much bigger for a doubles player.

Against Alex and Bruno in the second round robin match it was a bit of a different feeling. I think both teams knew that a win would secure a place in the semis and maybe we all did a few extra mistakes because of that. It is always tough to play them as they make you play that extra shot all the time. They cover the net very well and are a tough team to return against since they do not give you much space to aim for.

Against Horia and Juls we played very well. So did they. They started a little better than us I think but we managed to hold our serves and eventually crawled back and managed to win the match. Reporters wanted to make this out to be a match that didn’t mean anything since we were already qualified for the semis and Horia and Juls were out. But 200 points is almost as much as winning a tour event. So trust me, every match counts.

So the semis... This one hurts. I felt we were better for the bigger part of the match but in the end we let it slip away. But that is how it is in doubles. One point can turn things around completely. It goes so fast on our sport. Ivan started returning like a madman and we got broken to lose the set. And after the super breaker it was all over. The fat lady had sung.

Overall a great end to a stormy season, a good start and a good ending. Sadly we couldn’t end it the way we started it, but we’ll take it.