London baby.

So Paris was just the nerve-racking event as it always is for a selected few. This time it included me. Us. As always there are a few teams fate that are decided by the event in Paris Bercy. What I think is the worst Masters series event by the way. Great centre court and show there, but that is about it.  Anyway, we knew what we had to do and that was either to win one more round than Pospisil/Sock. Well, or win it ourselves. OR there was a third option actually and that was hoping that Pospisil/Sock did really well and finished top 7, then we would have gotten the wild card spot as well.  

We were scheduled to play after Pospisil/Sock that day and I can promise you it was difficult trying to keep calm. I didn’t want to follow the live score of the match as it would just leave me drained for our match. So I decided to relax in my room and ignore the match best I could. I did not do a good job. But to my defence, it was difficult since my phone kept getting messages from people wanting to tell me the score. So I turned it upside down. When the match was over, I had my girlfriend check the score. Maybe it is not the right thing to do to hope for someone to lose, but in this case, I just don’t care. I hoped. I really hoped. Jack and Vasek would have done the same thing.

So, London baby!!! I love Joey from Friends. London baby!!! This event is magical. I don’t care that we have had a shaky season after Australia. There are reasons for that with injuries and other things that I just don’t want to get into. But I am so happy to be here. It’s an amazing feeling.

ATP has done an amazing job with this tournament. They have created something bigger than the actual event. And London has had a big part of that. It is not just the World Tour Finals anymore. It is the World Tour Finals in London. The perfect city for the tournament, at the perfect arena, with the perfect fans. The British are a very knowledgeable sports nation and they really show their appreciation which makes it so much more special for us. Not that all fans at the O2 are British, but majority are. I hope ATP keeps it here for many years to come.

It is kind of impossible to get an easy draw here since, well, only the absolute best in the world take part. And our group is no exception. I have always said in my interviews during this event that every match is a final at any tournament. So it’s not going to be easy, but we are going to try. We are going to fucking try hard.