Off season and silly season.

Fitness season as started. And it is a horrible as always. This is not something I look forward to or enjoy doing. But is is simply impossible without it. Breaking your body down in order to slow down at the end to get back and become stronger. Or that is the plan at least.

Everyday is training training training. Groundhog day. For real. I have not played any tennis just yet as I need my elbow to heal. I have not mentioned this, but in March I started feeling a new pain in my elbow and it turned out to be a tear in the tendon. This is something I have tried to deal with all season and it has not been nice. At all. Horrible pain. And that is what I am trying to heal right now. With different therapies that I tried during the year that I felt work. And something new I tried in Barcelona. Hopefully the combination with the rest of the arm will help me have a fairly pain free season. But knowing me, that will never happen...

So, I never did do the silly season for you so I will do that now. A lot of teams are splitting. You probably know most them by now. But anyway...

Bopanna/Qureshi split after a fairly poor season after their title in Dubai. I thought they were going to be one of the stronger teams of the season.

Fyrstenberg/Matkowski split after having played for 83 years together.

Lindstedt/Kubot split as you know by now. We had a great start and a great finish to the season, but in between it was not too great. We both had injuries during the year that really messed things up for us. But my reasoning was that I really want to play with a doubles guy. The practices this year has not been great since Lukasz plays singles. I always told him to do his thing, he is a singles player first and foremost and that is what I wanted him to focus on. But that meant me looking for practice for the most part of the year and that is not very easy as a doubles guy. And I ended up with hitting partners now and then and they are never good enough really. So we split.

Nestor/Zimonjic. No comment here.

Huey/Inglot split. They had an up and down season, but I thought they were playing pretty ok. On the other hand I do know how difficult it is to play for more than two years.

Llodra/Mahut split. The surprising reason is that Llodra is playing with someone else. But that partnership has to wait. I will get to that at the end.

So the new teams are:




And here are the teams that were planned but wont happen after all:



But since Llodra needs surgery and will be out for 8 months, the new combination is QureshiZimonjic.

That's it for now.