Off season. On my way to Barcelona.

Off season or pre season. In tennis they are kind of the same thing anyway. Longest season in sports is over and it starts in a months time. Kind of tough to prepare as good as you want and need with that short time period. But, when you have a sport that is rooted in different countries with individual is kind of tough having it any other way. 

I had about 6 days of vacation and went to Dubai. As usual. I really don't want to travel far after the last ball has been played for the year and if there is no sun and beach it is not a vacation. So Dubai is the closest with guaranteed sun and warm weather. And I love it. Had a few amazing days of doing nothing, except the hour in the gym everyday. A lot of rose and a lot of beer on the beach. It is nice to feel like a normal person now and then. Hmmm...that can be interpreted in a lot of ways...

Anyway, I just started my pre season two days ago and today I am on my way to Barcelona. I need to fix a few things with my body and hopefully the doctors in Barcelona can help. Fingers crossed. Because I really don't like travelling for no reason believe it or not. 

I wont play much tennis for the next couple of weeks, since that is what wears a tennis player down. So I will only do fitness and strengthening. Being fit really gives me confidence and when I feel I am not, I tend not to play so well. So, it is a must. The pre season training does not get easier with every year and since this is the first time I am 37 years old, it will probably be the toughest one so far... Not looking forward to it to be honest, but without it, I may as well quit. And I am too young for that...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!