Då så!

Swedish caption, I know. But it was the most fitting. Deal with it... So the pre season is over. I have done what I can. Really, I have done what I can. I have never played less tennis before the start of a season, but I am not too worried to be honest. I was surprised how well I was hitting the ball from the first practice to the last. Once I got going. I think the key is to keep the rest of the body in good shape, then the tennis doesn't go away. 

I am so happy to have great people around me that are willing to sacrifice their own time to help me in my quest to continue my career. My biggest thank you goes to Ali Ghelem, my fitness trainer. Not only a genius, but also a pretty nice person. Most of the time... He has turned me inside and out, kind of, and we keep trying to find ways to improve me. We have worked hard and my body is feeling better than it has in a long time. Even the last scan for my elbow has shown improvement. So the trip down to Barcelona to try the treatments there seems to have been a good idea. I will probably screw things up of course, but for now I am a little optimistic. Knock on wood!!!!!

The long journey awaits and I will celebrate New Years Eve in the airplane. That is a first for me, but they have champagne there also, so I will find a way to feel at home! 

It will be a very strange feeling the first hits down in Australia as usual. Coming from the cold here in Europe to the heat down under. The balls will all of a sudden bounce higher. So instead of hitting them from knee height, you will have to hit them almost shoulder height. Livelier and quicker. But I do like that better. Normally...

The season starts, hope to see you along the way!