The man with the funny hat.

Well, we could not have fought much harder than we did in Madrid. We never gave up. Even though it looked very dark for us. Set and a break down and Matka and Fryta was playing really, really good. Serving like monsters. We didn't have many chances at all. But out of nowhere we manage to break Matkowski when he is serving for the match. 

We keep on fighting and manage to turn the tie break around and win the second set. As we go down in the superbreaker also, we just tried to find a way to get back in it. And we did. All the way from 6-9 to 10-9. I will not forget the match point we had for a long time. Ball is in play and I get a forehand, exactly the one I was looking for. I hit it clean, I hit it good. But... (there is always a but isn't there?!?) I hit the tape and it pops up for an easy smash for Fyrstenberg. A few mm's and it would have been a winner. Game set match. But no, sadly sport is not fair. It never is and never will be.

We finished late, just before 22.00. Quick shower, book the flights to Rome, eat and get treatment. In bed by 01.30 and wake up at 05.45 to catch the flight. I felt like a zombie all day yesterday. 

But back on court today and had two good hours. First one with "Beast" Max Mirnyi and the second one with Peya/Soares. Then I took the afternoon off. felt I deserved it. So became a tourist for a day. I mean, what better place to be a tourist than beautiful Rome?

So we went to the Vatican. In all my years here i have never been there. Figured I should ask the man in the funny hat for some help winning the title here. But it was some sort of youth day and I was told 500.000 people where there. We came at the end, but at least I got to experience the biggest crowd of people I have ever seen .And the pope didn't have time for me.