Waiting game part 2.

I can honestly say that I have never experienced this before in my career. Two weeks in a row and a Thursday start. I feel like I am having a practice tour around south Europe. Kinda hope that there will be a win or 4 on this tour also...

So, came to Rome on Friday and have been practicing since then. Trying to stay away from the pollen here in Rome as best I can. Every year most of the players are running around with runny noses. But that is besides the point. I thought we would play on Tuesday almost but turns out we are on tomorrow. Obviously it is not easy with the scheduling when you play two singles guys. But tomorrow we are finally on.

It's gonna be extremely tough. Haas/Stepanek is not really a team you wanna play everyday. We have to play our very best. But I do like those challenges, knowing you have to perform.

To be honest I am kinda happy we didn't play today because it was borderline stormy here. Our practice court didn't even look like a clay court anymore. Most of the clay was blown away already so we have a slippery hard court practice, more or less.

Hoping for the wind to calm down for tomorrow. Or at least only blow on our opponents side.