And we're back..

So…after a few issues with this site I am back to writing. One issue being you actually have to pay your fees to keep it running it seems. Who would have thought…? Anyway, all charges have been paid and I will try to keep it that way. And the writing will be in only English from now on. My fingers is on strike against the dual language writing. Sorry people in Sweden, but I know you will handle it just fine.

It’s been a while since I last wrote, I do realize that, but you haven’t really missed much to be honest. Results have not been great, but been working hard as always so hoping it will pay off eventually.

The clay has started and as always I struggle in the beginning. It always takes a while for me to get used to it. I just can’t understand why that is, I mean, it’s not like it’s the first time I play on it!!! Maybe one day I will learn. I doubt it, but maybe…

Madrid is next up for me and Lukasz and we expect some very tough matches over here. It is a Masters 1000 after all. But hopefully we can raise our game and get the ball rolling. (No not that yellow ball.)  Also time to get used to the late dinners again. As a Swede it is always a bit of a change, especially since a lot of restaurants open around 21.00. My mum would have finished eating her dinner 3 hours before that. Different cultures, different ways of life. Manana banana…

Madrid is a tournament that has really improved in my opinion. It was pretty much useless a few years ago, but it has now grown out to its potential and last year they had the best clay courts in the world. After Roland Garros that is. Nothing beats those. I remember the first years I played here in Madrid when it was basically like playing the lottery in guessing where the ball would bounce. Not joking. But they have invested a lot of money in the courts and last year they were amazing.

So now it’s just time for me to get used to the slight altitude over here. The ball does travel quicker through the air which means you feel like it’s flying a bit too much in the beginning. A bit tougher to control and you hold back you swing a bit in the beginning. Let’s not do that Robbie.