Lost luggage.

So...it seems like waiting is all I am doing now a days. If it's not waiting for my matches...it's waiting for my luggage. At least this week it is. I arrived in Paris two days ago and am still waiting for my bags to be delivered from the airline. (Norwegian) That it takes two days to get your bags from a flight within Europe isn't really optimal, now is it? Having travelled all my life, I know these things happen, but that it takes this long is not something I have experienced before.

So I thought I would just write a few lines about how it affects you when you are somewhere to play tennis and not having your bags. First thing I did was to contact both Wilson and New Balance to see if they had any gear in Paris I could wear until my bags arrived. They did have, but I could only get it in the afternoon and obviously I had to try and practice so I had to figure something out. That meant shopping. I went and got what I needed to get passed the day and looked amazing onsite all covered in Gap. Or not... My sneakers in the gym was obviously the fashion statement of the year.

I could not practice any tennis yesterday since I had no shoes to play in. I picked some up at the Wilson suite yesterday evening so I can at least hit today. Obviously I will not be the best smelling guy onsite today, but hopefully my colleagues will survive... Or maybe I will smell better than usual. 

If it doesn't arrive today I'll probably snap and fly back home and pick some gear up and fly back the same day. Let's hope I don't have to. 

It's not a huge deal all of this, but as a professional athlete, you know that preparation is the key to success. And if you can't prepare the way you want to, then there is an unrest within you. And I promise you, that is something you really don't want. Especially before a Grand Slam. So deliver my fucking bag to me! Please.