Waiting game.

Sometimes when you are fortunate enough to have a bye in the Masters 1000 events, or have been successful enough, you have to wait longer than you expected to play your first match. And that is what i am doing now. I even contemplated arriving here on Thursday so I was sure to be ready for our match. Well, at least I can't blame it on not being prepared if we lose this one. Since Friday i have been practicing and practicing very good. 

Sadly me and Lukasz have not been able to have one practice together yet, but that is how it is when you play with a singles player. They play singles...And of course that is how it should be. I just prefer to practice with my partners so you can practice on different things and discuss different situations. Then again, we practiced a lot in Monte Carlo and Barcelona and that didn't go so well now did it?!?

Like I said in my last post, the ball really flies here and the conditions play really fast with very high bounces. When I get used to conditions like this I love them. The kick serve bounces to the moon. Or not really, but kinda feels like it. 

So we play Thursday because one of the pairs we are waiting for won Munich and only came here on Monday. So to be fair to them, the tournament gave them two days to get ready for this event. All good there.

And since Lukasz got in as a lucky loser instead of Roger Federer here we will not practice tomorrow. So I have to chase someone to hit with tomorrow and texted Swedish coach Maggo Tideman who coaches Jeremy Chardy and luckily enough they needed my services. It will be good to work on my reactions at the net with Jeremy. In case you didn't know it, he can pound the ball like a mad man.