So, this time the break in writing has not been my fault. For some reason I could not log into Squarespace. The site I use to blog for you. I have tried for days and just wouldn't let me. So if you are looking for someone to blame, then blame squarespace. Or the internet in Eastbourne. It was slow. So both of you who read my blog now knows where to take your complaints...

The grass season started great I think. I felt great in Halle, hitting the ball very clean and was happy as can be to be off the clay. Sadly the tournament ended in a way you never want to happen. But it does now and then and Lukasz should be fit for Wimby. Kinda happy about that!!!

So after we pulled out of Halle there was nothing to do but set my sights on Eastbourne. I wanted to play in Holland but the Beast (Max Mirniy) wanted to play in England. It is more convenient but I do prefer s'Hertogenbosch. (Yes, that is the name of the place.)

It was amazing to play with Max. His attitude is second to none. So positive and he keeps pushing you no matter what is happening. He could have the best attitude in tennis, singles and doubles.

We won close one against two very good doubles players in the first round only to lost disappointingly in the next. The Skupski brother connected when they had to, so our hats go off to them.

The only good thing about losing was that I could leave Eastbourne, which is beautiful but really boring, and come to London. I love this city. One of my top 5 favorite cities really. I always feel like home here. 

I will have a day or two off now. I really need it. Then  back to work preparing for the best tournament in the world.