If you would have told me before I would have had a hard time believing you. Especially how the margins had been against us leading up to the French. But that is the beauty of sport, isn't it? Everything can change at anytime. Kinda. Almost. 

Three very good matches from us so far. The 3rd round was finally played in the sun, so the conditions were very different. Fast and lively. Finally. But it was like playing a new tournament. When the sun comes out here, the courts get very slippery very fast. So it wasn't easy to find your grip. But unlike what I used to think earlier in my career, that does not just happen to me. It seems conditions are the same for everybody. Who would have thought?!?

But a very solid match from us and we are extremely happy to be in the quarters. Not too happy of course, just the right amount of happiness. 

We have had two days off now which is not ideal as you prefer to keep going. But it is what it is and we will be ready either way. After all the years of playing here at Roland Garros I have realized that this is the tournament who listens the least to the players. Or at all for that matter. It's like it's a constant battle between the tournament and the players. Sad really considering how much the other Grand Slams have improved.

So quarters tomorrow on the cool and "round" court 1. If you have been here you know what I mean. We'll be ready.