And we're off.

Well, if you can choose how to start a Grand Slam, I think our start is more or less what you would wish for. After a few tight games in the beginning we found our stride and kept the foot on the accelerator. For the most part of the match. 

Lukasz started out great and returned like a madman putting so much pressure on our opponents which made me feel less pressure on my return and after a few games we started connecting together. All the way to 6-2, 6-1, 5-1. Then something happened and the set got a bit tight. We served it out to 6-4 so we left the court happy. I talked to Jonas Björkman after the match and he said it is a good thing that it got a bit tight at the end so we had to deal with those emotions also. Maybe he is right. Wouldn't be the first time...

I on the other hand was not was not 100% satisfied so I asked Lukasz coach, Jan, if he could come with me to Aorangi (the practice site) to feed me some balls. I wanted to swing freely and get some speed in my arm. Of course he said yes, and we had a good 30 minutes of doing some drills. After that I felt better. And ready for the next round. Which is going to be a very tough one. We play Hewitt/Guccione. We had a battle against them in Paris and I hope we can get away with another W.