Off to Munich.

Well, as happy as I was reaching the quarters in Paris it doesn't even compare to how disappointed I was/am losing in it. It was really not one of the best matches we ever played. I was not hitting the ball cleanly at all and we were a bit lost with our tactics and positioning. Too many holes between us.

But I also have to give credit where credit is due. They played a very good match and they are obviously seeing the ball big. Sam serves like a monster and did so against us. If you have ever returned a serve that comes at you at 210km/h you know how fast that is. But I have to tell you, to return a serve that comes at you at about 230km/h is a huge difference. Those 20km/h or so is a joke. The ball just rockets at you and to hit it clean, even if it is in your honeyhole, feels like impossible. Unless you are really on your game. Fascinating really. Wish I had a serve like that.

That Andery Golubev is a great ball striker is no secret. Sadly he was seeing the ball like a watermelon so he refused to miss much.  Difficult combination to play against. Just wish we would have made a better match. 

The last matches in a Grand Slam are obviously the most difficult ones to win. The teams that are there are there for a reason so you have to play better and better to win. But I think I can honestly say I will never get a better chance of winning the French. And I blew it. That fucking hurts.

Now I am on my way to Munich to see a specialist before I fly to Halle and start the grass season. The best season of the year. We all know that tennis should be played on grass and 99% of the calendar should be changed to grass tournaments. I am not biased at all... Eeeeeh!!!

There is something very charming about playing on grass. I do love it. It is just so classic. Difficult to put your finger on it really, maybe it is because so few tournaments are played on it so it just feels different. Or maybe it is simply because the best tournament in the world is played on it. Wimbledon.

Time to stock up on the allergy medicine since I am actually allergic to grass. A lot of sneezing to expect for the next month. As always...