Relaxing time.

Well, that didn't really go as I hoped for. I didn't have very high hopes for the tournament here after Lukasz called me and said he was not coming. I really enjoyed playing with Andre Begemann but neither of us could really produce any tennis that wins tournaments like these. We both had problems controlling the balls and Chardy/Marach beat us fair and square. They were better than us. 

I played with the idea of playing Hamburg but I really need a break. So a few days off before I fly to Washington is hopefully just what the doctor ordered for me. I will go down to Munich once more to see my doctor there before I fly over to the big land in the west. My arm started bothering me again this week sadly. But before that I am not going to practice too much. Only fitness.

I struggle to see any positives when I lose, but the early loss meant spending some more time with my family and that helps a lot. Even though we probably have the family with the most crazy people, it is still our family. I am sure many of you know what that is like.

I can't wait to start the hard court season again. I prefer it so much more than clay. I am going to play Washington with Colin Fleming and after that I hope Lukasz will be back. Fingers crossed everyone!