Well, the little break I planned to have after Båstad has started and as always it is going too fast. Way too fast. But then again, I seem to travel just as much when I am on a break as when I am not. I am in Munich now again too see the specialist here that I have been seeing for a few months now. As I am about to go to the States for almost 2 months we wanted to make a check up.

The fact that I haven’t touched a racquet since Swedish Open feels great but as always the closer I get to flying away to a tournament, the more stressed I feel. It never fails, it’s always the same. I wonder why many of us are like this. We need breaks, we do, otherwise we simply fry our brains and get injured. But when that break is actually happening, stress sets in because we are not playing tennis. I say we because I know a couple of other guys that are the same way. Didn’t want to write only me because that would make me sound like a complete nutcase. Which I am, but let’s not open that box now…

I am really looking forward to the hardcourt season. I love having the grip under my feet, feeling I can push off as I want. It’s the most fair surface in my opinion. This time I have to leave with a bit more of a relaxed state of mind. Lukasz is still injured and I had to go shopping for partners. The doubles supermarket, you know. I decided to play with Colin Fleming in Washington, but we ended up 1 out on the entry list. We should get in on site hopefully. And then for Toronto I entered with another Polish player, Matkowski. Huge serving man. Hopefully we can hold serve for a few matches and play some good tennis. After Toronto I hope to be back with Lukasz. Hope. I’m gonna leave the European summer this year with amazing memories of family and friends and amazing weather.

A shout out to my good friend and Davis Cup partner Johan Brunström who finally married his sweetheart Malin this weekend. I wish you nothing but happiness and health for the rest of your lives!