Washington bound.

Ok, that’s enough being lazy, Robbie. Time to get back to work and feeling like a complete beginner again. It never fails really, or rarely at least, after not hitting for a week or so. It is so demoralising every time. Feeling like everything on the court is a stranger to you. The ball, the surface, your own feet, you legs, your arm, your racquet. Nothing works in harmony and you overthink as well. Your timing is completely off. The thought, how am I ever going to get back into shape comes up every single time. It is hard to explain, but everything seems to go so much faster than normal and someone is holding you back as you try to keep up.


Being 37 years old and still doing this for a living should have it’s advantages. Should. Sadly my mind is only 17 years old so I struggle to believe myself at times. But I keep telling myself that hard work pays off and I will be hitting the ball great in no time. And normally that is the case.


Right now I am back in Germany again waiting for my flight to Washington. Well, it’s not MY flight… Not doing the PJs just yet. A city I really like, one of the few in the States. And a place I have played well in the past, so I am hoping for again of course. The only problem is that since me and Colin Fleming didn’t get in on the pre entry list, he is not sure if he wants to go there. So that means I have to find someone on site and sign in with. It has been many years since I flew to a tournament not knowing whom I would play with. But if I can’t find someone good to play with I might just go down to Florida to practice for a week. But let’s hope that is not the case this time.


This is one of the longer trips of the year, about 6 weeks over there. So packed the bags full and told New Balance to send the shoes to the hotel. So happy to be back in my hard court shoes that I love. Gonna need to use a few pairs for the first week. It is so hot and humid in D.C. that the shoes does not have time to dry over night so you have to alternate shoes. This and Cincinnati are probably the two toughest weeks to play during the season. Heat and humidity consider. It could be really horrible. The only place that has been worse playing for me was in India. Now that was a joke!!! Curry nam nam.