Swedish Open.

I got a phone call yesterday that I really didn't want to get. Lukasz called me and said he is injured and can not make it here to Båstad. That sucks. Really sucks. Of course more for Lukasz than me since he is injured, but I was really looking forward to showing him the tournament and try to win it with him. 

So yesterday was a bit stressful to say the least. It is not easy to find a replacement the day before sign in closes. It is really difficult. Everyone I talked to really wanted to play but couldn't. It was a bit comical really. Everyone really wanted to play but couldn't for different reasons. Everything from already playing somewhere else to his brother getting married to staying at home because the wife is pregnant. All pretty valid reasons I have to say...

So, then I found out that someone else was in the same situation like me. His partner for the week is injured and he needed to play with someone. So Andre Begemann is coming to Båstad this week to play with me. First he asked if I was interested in coming to Stuttgart but I quickly told him that was not an option. Come on, it is Båstad after all. Obviously Stuttgart is an important tournament for a German, but he was more than fine in coming here. So, this week I am playing with a fellow Pepperdine University Alumni.

My first thought was to play with a Swede of course. I talked to our Davis Cup captain Fidde Rosengren to see who of the boys in our Davis Cup team was available to play. But then of course, both Marcus Eriksson and Isak Arvidsson are playing with each other. So it didn't feel right to split them and leave one of them without a partner. 

So now Båstad is not really going to be the way I planned but I will try my best to really do well here anyway. Andre is in good form having won Halle a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully we  can gel really quick and with a decent draw get the ball rolling quickly. Fingers crossed. Please!