Where the oranges grow...

After a pretty good week in Cincy I have had a few days off here in Florida and some great practices in the horrible, horrible humidity. It's a joke how thick the air feels here during the summer. But first a few words about last weeks tournament.

Like I said in the last post, my tennis felt like it was on it's way to where I want it to be. And it continued in Cincy. We played a tight first match against a good team in Murray/Peers and the we played a very solid match against Dodig/Melo. Nice to get a win against a team that obviously was in great shape having played the final in Toronto the week before. 

The quarters was a very tight affair where I think we should have won the first set in the tiebreak we played, but didn't. But we did win the second only to play a horrible superbreaker. Nothing went our way really. Congrats to Sam and Steve, but would have rather said bad luck to them to be honest.

So straight from Cincy to Florida and a day at the beach and relaxation. After that I had 3 great days of practice with Peya/Soares and Rojer/Tecau. 2 hours in these conditions feels like 6 hours anywhere else. Kinda... Hopefully it will help and make New York feel like an ice bucket. Speaking of ice buckets, go to my Instagram and see my ice bucket challenge for ALS. (Iwas wondering when my nomination would come.)

Tomorrow I am off to the Big Apple and I can not wait to get there. To come to one of my favorite cities in the world and my great friends living there! Definitely one of the best times of the year.