Well, that was not the way I hope, planned, wanted or nightmared about finishing the Open. As most of you know by now I had to retire due to injury in the second round. An injury is never fun, but when it comes at a Grand Slam, well.....WTF!?!?

We think I strained my adductor longus and it will take a couple of weeks to come back. Hopefully not worse. The whole thing was very strange to be honest. We are playing great and we both feel that we are getting the match where we wanted. Even though it was a tie break in the first set it felt like we were in control of the match from the beginning. Then all of a sudden after to aggressive lunges I feel a pinch when I serve. Then another one. We go to change sides at 1-2 in the second and as I have to stretch for a return I feel the pain in my groin get stronger. And when I have to run for a drop volley in that game and I can't take full strides, I knew right there and then that the match was over. We tried for the rest of the set to see if we could find a way. Called for the physio and got a medical timeout but I knew he could not help me. I have been injured enough to know.

It is just hurts so much to have to retire a match. And at a Grand Slam it just eats me alive. I had to do it once in Australia when I tore my calf and now this one . Hopefully it doesn't have to happen once at all the Slams. But what I really hate when this happens is that in doubles you let down your partner. Of course Jurgen Melzer understood what was going on and he actually pushed me to retire. He kept telling me there is no reason to make it worse. And he was right. We had no out, no way to win the match like this. 

But that was not the end of the let downs. I had to tell my mixed partner Martina Hingis that I could not play our match. Which also sucked because I really looked forward to playing mixed for the first time ever. I think we could have done well.

Speaking of doing well, that is what I think me and Jurgen could have done. (Could have, should have, maybe, whatever) We were playing well and I was finally playing really good again. Feeling the court, moving well and hitting clean. So I know we would have been dangerous. It is just a strange feeling you have to deal with. A feeling of incompletion. When we lost second round of Wimbledon that was bad, but we lost. So it is a definite thing. We were too bad. But with this, you just feel like you should still be there. Like you should still be playing. I do not like this feeling one bit. My girlfriend said it best actually when she said: So this must be what blue balls feel like...