Leaving Toronto. Robbed.

Well, this is something new for me. I am leaving Toronto not having lost a single match, but still didn't win the tournament. I didn't know if I should write about it or not, but the anger still lingers inside of me so I simply had to vent. We actually won the match against Ferrer/Garcia Lopez. We did. But two of the umpires did not see it that way. All four players saw it this way, but two umpires had a different meaning. 

Tennis is a fast sport and at times I can understand that it is hard to see if a ball is a few mm out or even a cm. But when a slow ball is played and it is over 2 cm's out, then no, then I have no understanding for it. I really don't. Any person with normal vision can see this. And when a huge, huge mistake like this happens on match point us and our opponents are on their way to say thank you for the match we just won... Well, then the umpires are not my favorite persons in the world. 

In my honest opinion, this was probably the worst mistake I have ever experienced as a player. And that it happened on match point is just too unbelievable. It is such a weird feeling. A feeling of something so unfair. We did all the right things, played very good after the first set and won the match. But didn't. 

Sure, we put ourselves in the position of a very tight match, but you do not expect it being snatched away from you like this. It was impossible for me to sleep. The aggression would simply not let go. And the day after when I forced myself to go and practice it was still there and it is just so tough to get out of your head.

I am not the first person to get robbed by a bad call. In any sport. I am not that ignorant or stupid to think so. But you can only talk about what you have experienced and this was the worst ever for me.

The only good thing I can take with me from the match is that I finally played good. Very, very good. And I will work hard to keep that going into the next week. So now I am on my way to Cincinnati to prepare there. As a winner, but a loser.