So, it's been a while since my injury. Just a few hours after I got off the plane I started my rehab. No time to waist, I thought. The earlier you can start, the more time you save at the end of the spectrum. So that is what I did and after about a week, I felt I was back to normal. So the tear was not as big as we feared. 

So that was good news. Even though knowing it was only a small injury that stopped me in NYC, it hurts personally just because it was a small injury... Not sure if that makes sense to you.

So I decided to play Shenzhen as I felt I wanted more matches. Lukasz was not ready for that week so the scramble to find a partner began. Again. Colin Flemming was looking for a partner that week and I felt it was a good fit. And we played good in practice over there, but we both played pretty poorly in the match to be honest. I was missing hours of tennis due to my injury and looking back at it, I probably should not have played it. But I have to say, I have not seen Horia and Juls play that well. Hats off to them.

Time for Beijing. And Lukasz is back. He has had a horrible injury, but rehabbed well and professionally to be back now. And he is not as rusty as I thought he would be. I am impressed actually. And very happy. So tomorrow we are thrown into the fire to start our campaign to make the masters in London. We could have picked an easier tournament, but that is how it is right now. This week is always nails. Lopez/Mirniy tomorrow and it will be a battle.

Woke up to the news today that Instagram is now blocked over here so it wont be easy to update that. Sorry for that.