Off to Munich.

Well, as happy as I was reaching the quarters in Paris it doesn't even compare to how disappointed I was/am losing in it. It was really not one of the best matches we ever played. I was not hitting the ball cleanly at all and we were a bit lost with our tactics and positioning. Too many holes between us.

But I also have to give credit where credit is due. They played a very good match and they are obviously seeing the ball big. Sam serves like a monster and did so against us. If you have ever returned a serve that comes at you at 210km/h you know how fast that is. But I have to tell you, to return a serve that comes at you at about 230km/h is a huge difference. Those 20km/h or so is a joke. The ball just rockets at you and to hit it clean, even if it is in your honeyhole, feels like impossible. Unless you are really on your game. Fascinating really. Wish I had a serve like that.

That Andery Golubev is a great ball striker is no secret. Sadly he was seeing the ball like a watermelon so he refused to miss much.  Difficult combination to play against. Just wish we would have made a better match. 

The last matches in a Grand Slam are obviously the most difficult ones to win. The teams that are there are there for a reason so you have to play better and better to win. But I think I can honestly say I will never get a better chance of winning the French. And I blew it. That fucking hurts.

Now I am on my way to Munich to see a specialist before I fly to Halle and start the grass season. The best season of the year. We all know that tennis should be played on grass and 99% of the calendar should be changed to grass tournaments. I am not biased at all... Eeeeeh!!!

There is something very charming about playing on grass. I do love it. It is just so classic. Difficult to put your finger on it really, maybe it is because so few tournaments are played on it so it just feels different. Or maybe it is simply because the best tournament in the world is played on it. Wimbledon.

Time to stock up on the allergy medicine since I am actually allergic to grass. A lot of sneezing to expect for the next month. As always...


If you would have told me before I would have had a hard time believing you. Especially how the margins had been against us leading up to the French. But that is the beauty of sport, isn't it? Everything can change at anytime. Kinda. Almost. 

Three very good matches from us so far. The 3rd round was finally played in the sun, so the conditions were very different. Fast and lively. Finally. But it was like playing a new tournament. When the sun comes out here, the courts get very slippery very fast. So it wasn't easy to find your grip. But unlike what I used to think earlier in my career, that does not just happen to me. It seems conditions are the same for everybody. Who would have thought?!?

But a very solid match from us and we are extremely happy to be in the quarters. Not too happy of course, just the right amount of happiness. 

We have had two days off now which is not ideal as you prefer to keep going. But it is what it is and we will be ready either way. After all the years of playing here at Roland Garros I have realized that this is the tournament who listens the least to the players. Or at all for that matter. It's like it's a constant battle between the tournament and the players. Sad really considering how much the other Grand Slams have improved.

So quarters tomorrow on the cool and "round" court 1. If you have been here you know what I mean. We'll be ready.

3rd round.

Well, who would have thought? We could win two matches in a row again. Happy days!!! 

Two great matches from me and Lukasz. It was a lot of fun to play Lleyton Hewitt. I never did. It is always fun to play the champions. Very tough combination that one. One of the best returners of the game and one of the best servers in Chris Guccione. We played some of the best we have since Australia and played a great third set to win the match. 

I know the second match meant a lot to Lukasz since he played his former partner Oli Marach. It is always a bit special when you do, so I knew I had to be sharp to help my partner. And luckily, we both were. We played a great first set and an even better second. And now we are hungry for more.

We play a "new" team in the third round. Ivan Dodig got an injury here and had to pull out of doubles before the draw was made. This didn't leave Marcelo Melo a lot of time to find a new partner for the tournament, but he found a good one in Erlich. And they have played great so far. Which often is the case when you play with no real expectations. Like we did in Australia kind of.

So we will have to continue our form and preferably step it up even more. Kinda easier that way. Or less hard...

We had an easy day today with just an hour hit and some gym work. Nice to take it a bit slow now and then and conserve the energy. Because like I said, we are going to need it in the next round!

Lost luggage. seems like waiting is all I am doing now a days. If it's not waiting for my's waiting for my luggage. At least this week it is. I arrived in Paris two days ago and am still waiting for my bags to be delivered from the airline. (Norwegian) That it takes two days to get your bags from a flight within Europe isn't really optimal, now is it? Having travelled all my life, I know these things happen, but that it takes this long is not something I have experienced before.

So I thought I would just write a few lines about how it affects you when you are somewhere to play tennis and not having your bags. First thing I did was to contact both Wilson and New Balance to see if they had any gear in Paris I could wear until my bags arrived. They did have, but I could only get it in the afternoon and obviously I had to try and practice so I had to figure something out. That meant shopping. I went and got what I needed to get passed the day and looked amazing onsite all covered in Gap. Or not... My sneakers in the gym was obviously the fashion statement of the year.

I could not practice any tennis yesterday since I had no shoes to play in. I picked some up at the Wilson suite yesterday evening so I can at least hit today. Obviously I will not be the best smelling guy onsite today, but hopefully my colleagues will survive... Or maybe I will smell better than usual. 

If it doesn't arrive today I'll probably snap and fly back home and pick some gear up and fly back the same day. Let's hope I don't have to. 

It's not a huge deal all of this, but as a professional athlete, you know that preparation is the key to success. And if you can't prepare the way you want to, then there is an unrest within you. And I promise you, that is something you really don't want. Especially before a Grand Slam. So deliver my fucking bag to me! Please.

Waiting game part 2.

I can honestly say that I have never experienced this before in my career. Two weeks in a row and a Thursday start. I feel like I am having a practice tour around south Europe. Kinda hope that there will be a win or 4 on this tour also...

So, came to Rome on Friday and have been practicing since then. Trying to stay away from the pollen here in Rome as best I can. Every year most of the players are running around with runny noses. But that is besides the point. I thought we would play on Tuesday almost but turns out we are on tomorrow. Obviously it is not easy with the scheduling when you play two singles guys. But tomorrow we are finally on.

It's gonna be extremely tough. Haas/Stepanek is not really a team you wanna play everyday. We have to play our very best. But I do like those challenges, knowing you have to perform.

To be honest I am kinda happy we didn't play today because it was borderline stormy here. Our practice court didn't even look like a clay court anymore. Most of the clay was blown away already so we have a slippery hard court practice, more or less.

Hoping for the wind to calm down for tomorrow. Or at least only blow on our opponents side.

The man with the funny hat.

Well, we could not have fought much harder than we did in Madrid. We never gave up. Even though it looked very dark for us. Set and a break down and Matka and Fryta was playing really, really good. Serving like monsters. We didn't have many chances at all. But out of nowhere we manage to break Matkowski when he is serving for the match. 

We keep on fighting and manage to turn the tie break around and win the second set. As we go down in the superbreaker also, we just tried to find a way to get back in it. And we did. All the way from 6-9 to 10-9. I will not forget the match point we had for a long time. Ball is in play and I get a forehand, exactly the one I was looking for. I hit it clean, I hit it good. But... (there is always a but isn't there?!?) I hit the tape and it pops up for an easy smash for Fyrstenberg. A few mm's and it would have been a winner. Game set match. But no, sadly sport is not fair. It never is and never will be.

We finished late, just before 22.00. Quick shower, book the flights to Rome, eat and get treatment. In bed by 01.30 and wake up at 05.45 to catch the flight. I felt like a zombie all day yesterday. 

But back on court today and had two good hours. First one with "Beast" Max Mirnyi and the second one with Peya/Soares. Then I took the afternoon off. felt I deserved it. So became a tourist for a day. I mean, what better place to be a tourist than beautiful Rome?

So we went to the Vatican. In all my years here i have never been there. Figured I should ask the man in the funny hat for some help winning the title here. But it was some sort of youth day and I was told 500.000 people where there. We came at the end, but at least I got to experience the biggest crowd of people I have ever seen .And the pope didn't have time for me.

Waiting game.

Sometimes when you are fortunate enough to have a bye in the Masters 1000 events, or have been successful enough, you have to wait longer than you expected to play your first match. And that is what i am doing now. I even contemplated arriving here on Thursday so I was sure to be ready for our match. Well, at least I can't blame it on not being prepared if we lose this one. Since Friday i have been practicing and practicing very good. 

Sadly me and Lukasz have not been able to have one practice together yet, but that is how it is when you play with a singles player. They play singles...And of course that is how it should be. I just prefer to practice with my partners so you can practice on different things and discuss different situations. Then again, we practiced a lot in Monte Carlo and Barcelona and that didn't go so well now did it?!?

Like I said in my last post, the ball really flies here and the conditions play really fast with very high bounces. When I get used to conditions like this I love them. The kick serve bounces to the moon. Or not really, but kinda feels like it. 

So we play Thursday because one of the pairs we are waiting for won Munich and only came here on Monday. So to be fair to them, the tournament gave them two days to get ready for this event. All good there.

And since Lukasz got in as a lucky loser instead of Roger Federer here we will not practice tomorrow. So I have to chase someone to hit with tomorrow and texted Swedish coach Maggo Tideman who coaches Jeremy Chardy and luckily enough they needed my services. It will be good to work on my reactions at the net with Jeremy. In case you didn't know it, he can pound the ball like a mad man.

And we're back..

So…after a few issues with this site I am back to writing. One issue being you actually have to pay your fees to keep it running it seems. Who would have thought…? Anyway, all charges have been paid and I will try to keep it that way. And the writing will be in only English from now on. My fingers is on strike against the dual language writing. Sorry people in Sweden, but I know you will handle it just fine.

It’s been a while since I last wrote, I do realize that, but you haven’t really missed much to be honest. Results have not been great, but been working hard as always so hoping it will pay off eventually.

The clay has started and as always I struggle in the beginning. It always takes a while for me to get used to it. I just can’t understand why that is, I mean, it’s not like it’s the first time I play on it!!! Maybe one day I will learn. I doubt it, but maybe…

Madrid is next up for me and Lukasz and we expect some very tough matches over here. It is a Masters 1000 after all. But hopefully we can raise our game and get the ball rolling. (No not that yellow ball.)  Also time to get used to the late dinners again. As a Swede it is always a bit of a change, especially since a lot of restaurants open around 21.00. My mum would have finished eating her dinner 3 hours before that. Different cultures, different ways of life. Manana banana…

Madrid is a tournament that has really improved in my opinion. It was pretty much useless a few years ago, but it has now grown out to its potential and last year they had the best clay courts in the world. After Roland Garros that is. Nothing beats those. I remember the first years I played here in Madrid when it was basically like playing the lottery in guessing where the ball would bounce. Not joking. But they have invested a lot of money in the courts and last year they were amazing.

So now it’s just time for me to get used to the slight altitude over here. The ball does travel quicker through the air which means you feel like it’s flying a bit too much in the beginning. A bit tougher to control and you hold back you swing a bit in the beginning. Let’s not do that Robbie.

Svettigt. / Sweaty.

Dra åt helvete vad jag svettas. Det här stället är bland dom fuktigaste ställen jag har varit på. Och jag har varit på en del fuktiga ställen. Hmmmmm...

Ytterligare en långresa avklarad och jag kom till Mexico för första gången i mitt liv. Inte ofta jag kommer till länder där jag inte varit nu för tiden. Underbart ställe Acapulco. Eller i alla fall där vi bor för vi rör oss inte härifrån. Lite oorganiserat som väntat men underbart. Dock måste jag tyvärr tillägga att banorna är en besvikelse. Alla är väldigt ojämna och det ska tydligen bero på seismiska skiftningar som sker här. Dom är väldigt väldigt ojämna. Så om ni ser mycket lätta misstag på tv, så vet ni varför nu.

När lottningen kom så var det väl ingen överraskning direkt. Jürgen sa ju till mig innan vi åkte till Acapulco att vi kommer att mötas. Och han fick ju rätt. Jag skickade sms direkt och sa att det finns ju inte. Vad som inte finns heller är den mannens otur. Axeln är bra på honom äntligen, men så kommer han ner hit, får nageltrång i stortån och måste flyga hem och operera. Otur i kvadrat fan i mig. Jag sa dock till honom att han borde hålla sig borta från mig eftersom jag verkar vara en riktig otursfågel för honom. (Unlucky bird...?)

Nu fick vi till och med w.o. så Jürgens otur blev våran lycka. För sorry, jag älskar att få w.o. Det får man inte säga som idrottsman, men det gör jag.

Eftersom det är så sjukt varmt och fuktigt här så börjar matcherna inte före 16.00. Dom har till och med matcher som startar 22.00. Alltså inte före 22.00 på schemat. Det har jag inte varit med om. Så när man ska spela så sent så måste man också träna så sent. Bland annat för att spela under lamporna, men framförallt för att spela under förhållanden när solen inte lyser. För det är fruktansvärt stor skillnad. Från att vara otroligt livligt under dagen till att vara rätt dött på kvällen. Så dagarna blir otroligt långa. Man väntar på att få träna. 


God damn it I am sweating a lot. This has got to be one of the most humid places I have ever been to. And I have been to a few very humid places. Hmmmm...

Another long trip is over and I landed in Mexico for the first time in my life. It's not often I come to countries for the first time in my life nowadays. Acapulco is amazing. Or at least here where we are staying because we do not move an inch from the resort. A bit disorganized as expected, but really wonderful. Sadly I have to mention how bad the courts are. All of them are very uneven and the reason is supposed to be due to the seismic shifts in the area. The courts are very, very uneven so if you see a lot of simple mistakes on tv, now you know.

When the draw came out I wasn't really surprised. Jürgen texted me before we both flew out that we would play each other in Acapulco. And he was right. I sent him a text as soon as the draw came out saying I refused to believe it. And what is also hard to believe is his bad luck this year. His shoulder is finally good and fit. But when he got down here he started having problem with an ingrown toenail, which he now needs surgery for so he flew back to Austria. Unbelievable really. I told him he should stay away from me because I really seem to bed bad luck for him.

We even got a w.o. so Jürgen's bad luck turned into good luck for us. Sorry, but I do love to get a w.o. I should now say that as an athlete, but I do.

Since it is so warm and humid here the matches start at 16.00. They even have matches starting at 22.00. Not before 22.00 that is! I have never experienced that before. When you play matches that late, you have to practice that late also. One reason is to play under the lights and one is to get used to the different conditions. Because the conditions are so different at night compared to when the sun is up. During the day it is really lively and at night it is much heavier and dead. So the days become extra long waiting to practice.

Mitt livs svåraste match. / Toughest match of my life.

Rotterdam gick inget vidare. Jag var lite orolig att det skulle gå så om jag ska vara ärlig. Jag misstänkte att jag skulle få en liten idrottslig baksmälla. Matchen efter man vunnit något stort är en väldigt svår match att spela. Inte för alla, men för rätt många. 

Som sagt, tankarna hade gått i dom banorna så därför är jag förvånad att det gick som det gick. Jag förberedde mig precis lika bra som jag alltid gör, men minuterna innan matchen var jag inte speciellt nervös. Och det är inget bra tecken för mig. Inget bra tecken alls. 

Turneringen i Rotterdam var lite tuffare än  vanligt eftersom det är den enda 500 turneringen den veckan numera sen Memphis gått ner till 250 klass. Så fler dubbelpar spelade Rotterdam. Logiskt. Och det är en tuff lottning vi fick. Dom spelade bra och returnerade otroligt bra. Edouard och Julien vann välförtjänt även om jag tycker jag borde och skulle spelat flera klasser bättre.

På ett sätt var förlusten bra, för även om jag kände mig lite avtrubbad innan matchen så var jag fan inte det efter. Att förlora gör fan i mig alltid ont och jag hoppas kunna använda det som en kickstart för hardcourt svängen.

Nästa tävling blir Acapulco, nästan lika vackert som Rotterdam...eeeeeeh! En tävling som jag alltid velat spela, men eftersom den gått på grus så fanns det inte en chans att jag skulle åka dit. Nu är det en hard court tävling så då var det inget att tveka på. Speciellt inte eftersom Lukasz spelar singel där.

Fick ett sms av Jürgen Melzer häromdagen där han sa att jag kommer ha honom som motståndare i Acapulco. Hans behandlingar har gått mirakulöst bra och han är redo att spela igen. Dålig tajming sa jag åt honom, men fantastisk kul att han är tillbaka. Jag vet hur dåligt han har mått.

Port of Rotterdam.jpg


Rotterdam didn't go so well. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't to be honest. I had a suspicion that I would get a sports hang over. The match after you have won something big is a very difficult match to play. Not for everyone, but for many.

Like I said, I had thought along those lines so I was surprised that it still went that way. I prepared just as well as I always do, but the minutes right before the match I wasn't nervous at all. That is not a good sign for me. Not a good sign at all.

The tournament in Rotterdam was a bit tougher than usual and it is normally very tough. It is not the only 500 category tournament for that week since Memphis has gone down to a 250. So most of the doubles teams played Rotterdam. Logical really. And we got a tough draw. Thet played well and barely missed a return. Edouard and Julien won fair and square but I just think I could and should have played a bit better.

In one way, the loss was a good thing, I think. I felt pretty numb before the match but I really didn't feel numb after it! Losing always fucking hurt and I hope I can use this loss as a kickstart to the hard court swing.

Next tournament is Acapulco. Almost as nice of a place as Rotterdam...eeeeeeeh! It's a tournament I always wanted to play but since it was on clay I never saw the reason to go there. Now though, it's a hard court tournament so I didn't really hesitate anymore. And the fact that Lukasz is playing singles there made it an easy choice obviously.

I got an sms from Jürgen Melzer the other day that said I will have him as an opponent in Acapulco. His treatments have gone miraculously well and he is ready to play again. I told him it is bad timing, but I am very happy that he is back in shape. I know how much he has been suffering.

Glad. / Happy.

Australian Open blev ju min största succé i karriären. Hittills måste jag nog tillägga annars blir vissa tokiga på mig… Det sjuka i det hela är väl att jag inte kände att jag spelade på topp förrän semifinalen. Serven stämde inget vidare i dom andra omgångarna eftersom jag håller på att lägga om den lite. Dock fungerade allt det andra mycket bättre. Men eftersom min styrka, serven, inte fungerade så var känslan att mitt spel inte riktigt flöt på. Men mina svagheter var mycket bättre än vanligt. Mysko hur all fungerar.

Vi börjar ju med två stabila omgångar mot bra tennisspelare, men ändå gynnsam lottning för att vara en Grand Slam. Sen har vi en otrolig berg och dal bana mot Dodig/Melo. Vi leder första set med 5-2 och vi servar. Dubbelbreak alltså. Men tappar setet 5-7. Just då funderade man ju på om man skulle hinna med flyget samma kväll eller om man måste vänta en dag till. Men vi höjde oss och vann till slut.


Kvarten spelar vi väldigt stabilt igen. Jag servar fortfarande som en kratta tycker jag, men allt annat flyter på. Vinner första set och har flera breakbollar i andra men lyckas inte ta dom och vid 5-6 gör jag ett katastrofgame i egen serve. Men på nåt sett höjer vi oss igen och spelar ett felfritt avgörande set. Lukasz sista 5 game är nog bland det svettigaste jag varit med om. Han tar över helt och dominerar hela banan. Rätt skönt faktiskt.

Semin blev precis så tuff som jag trodde den skulle bli. Mika Llodra är ett geni på en dubbelbana och Nico Mahut kan precis allting. I den här matchen spelar vi verkligen på topp. Likadant som i kvarten tar vi första och har flera chanser att ta matchen i två set. Men efter 5 missade matchbollar i andra sets tiebreak förlorar vi det för att sen komma ut och göra ett felfritt 3e. Fy fan vad underbart.

Finalen då. Ja, det är många tankar man har innan, under och efter en sån match. Mina känslor innehöll rädsla, iver, nervositet, lycka, prestationsångest och allt annat som mer utbildade människor kan komma på åt mig. Prestationsångest har jag alltid i och för sig. Fruktansvärd prestationsångest. MEN…

Denna gången kände jag inte det så mycket. Jag kände kvällen innan att jag bara ville spela bra. Att jag nästan sket i hur det gick. Jag ville bara njuta och spela matchen. Det är det alla före detta mästare har sagt till mig innan dom andra finalerna. Att man måste njuta av tillfället, inramningen. Men det är inte så jävla lätt att göra det ska ni veta. Jag har inte förstått vad dom menat riktigt, men nu fattade jag. Jag längtade till matchen. Och det har jag nog aldrig gjort i hela min karriär. Jag repeterade till mig själv hela tiden under finalen njut, njut, njut, njut. Och det gjorde jag. Hela tiden! Vi spelar fruktansvärt bra och jag är fortfarande så sjukt glad att det borde vara olagligt att må så här bra.

Jag fick reda på efter matchen att vi inte tappade en boll i min serve förrän mitt sista servegame när jag skulle serva för matchen. 16-0 i bollar. Så självklart när vi bara tappar 3 poäng i min serve måste dom komma i samma game!!! Vi har lite tur vid 30-40 faktiskt när Klaasen har en volley som han sätter i tejpen, den missar han nog inte många gånger. Men vi lyckas, precis som under hela turneringen, på något sätt lösa situationen. När jag ser att min smash inte kommer tillbaka och jag hör game set match stannar allting för en hundradels sekund som känns som en evighet. Den hundradels sekunden är nog det underbaraste idrottsminne jag någonsin haft och någonsin kommer ha. Allt bara stod still. En hundradel för alla andra, en evighet för mig.

Jag går till våran box, Lukasz springer, och när jag kramar Bjösse så brister allting för mig. Precis allting. Mitt liv som idrottsman fick precis en mening.



Australian Open became the biggest success of my career. So far I guess I have to ad otherwise some people are going to crazy with me. The craziest thing about all this is that I didn’t feel like I was playing my best tennis until the semis. I didn’t serve very well in the other matches, partly due to me changing my serve a bit. Everything else worked great though. But since my biggest strength, the serve, didn’t worked it gave me the feeling that my game wasn’t working too well. Though my weaknesses where much stronger than usual. Weird how tennis works.

We start with two very good matches against good tennis players but they must be considered a good draw for being a Grand Slam. After that we had a real rollercoaster ride against Dodig/Melo. We have 5-2 serving in the first set and manage to lose it 5-7. In that changeover I was thinking about maybe making the flight in the evening or if I had to wait for the one the next day. But we raised our game and got the W.

In the quarterfinal we play a good match again. I still serve like a muppet, but everything else still works better than ever. We win the first set and have plenty of chances to break them in the second, but we don’t. Instead I play a horrible game at 5-6 and we lose my serve. But yet again, we raise our level for the 3rd set and play our best tennis to win in three. Lukasz last 5 games are a joke. He is on fire and it really seems like he can’t miss a ball! He takes over completely and dominates the whole court. Not a bad feeling for me to be honest…

The semis was just as tough as I thought it would be. Mika Llodra is a genius on a doubles court and Nico Mahut pretty much knows how to do anything. In this match we really play well from the first point of the match. All four of us are. Just like the quarters we win the first set and have chances to win in two. But we don’t of course. After 5 missed match points in the tiebreak we finally lose it and have to go and play a 3rd set yet again. And yes, once more, we come back stronger and play amazing and win in three. Fucking amazing!

So the final. You have a lot of thoughts before, during and after a match like this. It is the biggest match in tennis after all, in doubles that is. Mine included fear, eagerness, happiness, anxiety, nervousness and any other feelings more educated people than me can put into words for me. I always have anxiety before a match. I always want to play good and a lot of the times I have too much of it. BUT…

This time I didn’t. Not so much anyway. The night before I simply felt that I wanted to play well. I almost didn’t care in how it ended. I just wanted to perform well and enjoy the fact that I had the opportunity to play another match like this. All the advice I have gotten from former champions have included the word “enjoy”. You have to enjoy the match, the arena, the atmosphere. Embrace it. But it is not so fucking easy to do that. I promise you. I have never really understood what they meant before, but now I finally did. I was longing for the game and that is something I have never done before. I kept repeating to myself during the match “enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy”. And I did! The whole time! And we played pretty much the perfect match. I am still so unbelievably happy that it should be illegal to feel this good!


I was told after the match that I didn’t drop a point in my serve until the last game of the match. 16-0 in points. So of course when I go to serve for the match I lose 3 points and the get a break point. We get a little lucky at 30-40 when Klaasen misses a volley in the tape. A volley he should make and would make normally. But we manage, just like we did the whole tournament, find a way to win the match. When I see that my overhead isn’t coming back and I hear the words “Game, set and match” everything stops for me. Everything stands still. It’s just a hundredth of a second but it feels like an eternity to me. That hundredth of a second is and will probably always be the best memory I have in tennis. Everything just stood still. A hundredth of a second for everybody else, an eternity for me.

I walk towards our box, Lukasz is running, and when I hug Bjösse (Jonas) everything lets go. I can’t control my emotions anymore. My life as an athlete just got a meaning.





Australian Open.

Ja, var ska man börja? Vilka två veckor det varit. Vilka 3 månader det har varit. Försäsongen där jag bestämde mig för att jobba ännu hårdare. Eller bättre än vad jag normalt gör. Använda rätt folk med rätt expertis för att hjälpa mig. För att göra mig starkare. Det är här Ali Ghelem kom in i bilden. Jag kontaktade honom i Maj förra året då en magnetröntgen visade hur dålig min rygg var. Jag ville inte acceptera det och ville hitta en väg ut där jag bestämde över min kropp och inte tvärtom. Jag visste att det inte skulle bli lätt och att det skulle betyda och betyder mycket arbete. Ali jobbade med Robin Söderling förut så vi var redan bra kompisar och han hade lite koll på mig redan.

Jag ville hela tiden jobba hårdare och jobba mer, men Ali vägrade och skyndade mig långsamt. Till slut blev passen värre och värre och min kropp började svara på träningen. Utan Ali och Athletic1080 hade jag inte varit i närheten av den fitness jag flög ner med. Tack så mycket Ali!!!

I nästa blogg beskriven jag finalmatchen. Nu hinner jag inte mer eftersom jag är på flygplatsen här i Melbourne och väntar på planet. 


Yeah, where should I start? What an amazing 2 weeks this has been. What an amazing last 3 months it has been. The pre season when I decided to work even harder than I normally do. Or better than I normally do. To use the right people with the right expertise to help me. To make me stronger. It is here that Ali Ghelem comes into the picture. I contacted him in May last year when I got the result of an MRI back that should how bad my back was. I didn't want to accept it and wanted to find a way where I was in control of my body and not the other way around. I knew it wouldn't be easy and that it would mean and still means a lot of work. Ali used to work with Robin Söderling before so we were already good friends and he knew me and my body a bit which saved us some time.

I always wanted to work more and harder but Ali refused to let me. After a while we started to work harder and harder and my body started to slowly answer to the work we were putting in. Without Ali and Athletic1080 I would not have been even close to being fit enough to fly down here. Thank you for everything Ali!!!

In my next blog I will talk about the final. But I don't have time right now as I am at the airport here in Melbourne waiting for my flight.

Bra start. / Good start.

Det är inte många saker som känns bättre inom tennis än en smidig förstarunda i en Grand Slam. Mycket stadig match av mig och Lukasz. Inte en breakboll emot oss och det gillar jag. Som ni säkert vet om är det sinnesjukt jävla varmt här nere. Heatwave som dom säger. 4 dagar, inklusive i morgon, alla över 40 grader. Och när det är så varmt då går det fruktansvärt fort när man spelar tennis. Bollen beter sig nästan som en gummiboll och studsar överallt. Svårspelat till en början, men underbart när du känner dig bekväm. Passade oss som handsken.

Annars har hela tiden sen Sydney gått åt att träna, träna och träna. Jag har tvingat ut på Thomas Johansson och Jonas Björkman att slå med mig. Båda coachar mig för övrigt lite. Eller lite mer än vanligt kanske jag ska säga. Tompa har kollat på min serve för jag vill finslipa den lite och ändra några saker. Och Jonas kollar dubbelspelet. Är en underbar känsla att ha två såna killar i sin hörna och som kompisar.

Heat rule förstörde dagens spelschema. Det borde förstört dom två andra dagarna med. Match i morgon. Om värmen tillåter.


Not a lot of things feels better than having a comfortable first round win in a Grand Slam. A very solid match by me and Lukasz. Not a breakpoint against us and I like that. As you probably already know it is disgustingly hot down here. Heatwave as they say. 4 days, including tomorrow, has all been over 40 degrees. And when it is this warm, playing tennis is a very very fast sport. The ball behaves like it is made out of rubber and it is bouncing all over the place. Tough to play as a start, but wonderful when you feel comfortable with it. perfect conditions for us.

The time since Sydney has all been about practice, practice and practice. I have forced both Thomas Johansson and Jonas Björkman to hit with me. Both of them are coaching me a little. Or a little more than usual is probably the right thing to say, eeeh write. Thomas has been looking at my serve that I want and need to change a few things on. And Jonas have been looking at my doubles game. A wonderful feeling to have these two guys in my corner and as good friends.

The heat rule was in effect today and ruined parts of the schedule. It should have ruined parts of the last two days schedule as well. Match again tomorrow. If the heat allows it.


Rostig. / Rusty.

Ja, det är alltid en lite mysko känsla att stå på en matchbana i början på säsongen. Rostig är ett ord som många använder. Och det är ju lite så, det känns inte direkt smidigt därute. Dock måste jag säga att det känts mycket sämre än vad det gjort i år. Brisbane var helt ok tycker jag även om det slutade rätt snöpligt.

Första matchen spelade jag och Kevin väldigt stabilt och jag kom på mig själv tänka under matchen att det här går ju alldeles för smidigt och kommer säkert ändras snart. Men nej, vi spelade stabilt och sjukt skönt med en vinst i första matchen. Det snöpliga kom i andra matchen. Vi spelar bra igen, väldigt stabilt och är aldrig hotade i våra servegame. Speciellt inte Kevin, satan vad han servar! Men vid 6/4, 5/4 och Kevin servar så händer vänder allt. Kevin servar tyvärr sämre och det finns en förklaring till det. Innan matchen fick jag värma upp med hans coach eftersom han hade lite feber. Otroligt schysst av Kevin att ställa upp och spela och jag sa till honom att han inte var tvungen såklart., men till slut orkade han inte. Efter matchen när adrenalinet runnit av honom så började han må mycket, mycket sämre. Nästa morgon såg han ut som om han hade brottats med sina kuddar hela natten och förlorat på tekniskt knockout. Han drog sig ur singeln på kvällen. Som sagt otroligt schysst av honom att ställa upp i dubbeln!

Det blev att dra till Sydney och förbereda sig där. Tyvärr blev det tuffast möjliga lottning mot tvillingarna. Men turneringen i Sydney var monstertuff i dubbel. Jag och Kubot gör en helt ok match mot dom. Ett slarvigt servegame av mig i första set gav 3/6 i baken. Sen i andra spelar vi verkligen upp oss och har flera chanser att ta med oss setet till ett supertiebreak. Men tar man inte chanserna mot Bob och Mike så får man betala för det. Varje gång.

Så nu är jag i Melbourne. Snabba ryck, 3 städer på några dagar. Jag bokade ett eftermiddagsflyg så jag kunde mosa kroppen ordentligt i gymmet på morgonen. Hatar att vara kvar på ett ställe där jag torskat plus att jag älskar Melbourne. Nu har jag några dagar på mig att finslipa Grand Slam formen. Eller grovslipa.


Yeah, it’s always a weird feeling to stand on a match court for the first time of the season. Rusty is a word that many guys use. And that’s kinda true, you don’t really feel smooth out there. But I have to honestly say that it has felt much worse than it has so far this year. Brisbane was totally ok even if it ended kind of abruptly.

Me and Kevin played very solid in the first match and I caught myself thinking that this is going too easy and it must turn around soon. But no, we played solid all the way and love the feeling of starting the year with a win. The abrupt part came in the second match. Me and Kevin play well again and we are never really threatened in our service games. Especially not Kevin, the man serves from a tree!!! But at 6/4, 5/4 and Kevin serving everything turns around. Kevin serves a bit worse and I feel his energy disappearing. There is an explanation for that. I had to warm up with his coach before the match because he had a bit of a fever. Really nice of Kevin to actually try and play this match at all. I told him I understood if he had to bag it of course. But in the end he didn’t have the energy for it. Not even 5 minutes after the match when the adrenaline had worn off a bit he started feeling much worse. The next morning he looked like he had had a fight with the pillows all night and lost by technical knockout. He pulled out of singles later that evening. Like I said, really nice of him to try and play the doubles!

So I flew to Sydney to prepare there. Sadly we got the toughest draw possible against the twins. But the tournament in Sydney is extremely tough in doubles and any draw would have been tough.  Me and Kubot play a good match against them. One bad service game from me in the first set meant 3/6 but then we play better and better. We have plenty of chances to take the second set and into a supertiebreak. But  if you don’t take the few chances you get against Bob and Mike then you pay for it. Every single time.

Now I am in Melbourne. The fast paced life of a tennis player. 3 cities in a few days. I booked a flight in the afternoon so I could give myself a monster workout in the gym in the morning. I really hate to stay somewhere where I have lost plus I really love Melbourne. Now I have a few days to fine tune my game for the years first Grand Slam. Or grovslipa. Google it. Impossible to translate.

Top 5.

Då kör vi mina 5 bästa matcher för 2013 års säsong. precis som förra gången är det turnering, partner, motståndare och resultat.

5. Stockholm, Jonas Björkman, Gonzales/Lipsky, 6/4, 6/4

Den roligaste matchen för året och en av dom mest roliga matcherna jag någonsin spelat. Allt flöt på mer eller mindre. Jag och Jonas spelade bra samtidigt och publiken var med oss från första poängen. Fan vad jag älskar mitt jobb när man får uppleva sådana här saker.

4. Wimbledon, Daniel Nestor, Schwank/Zeballos, 6/1, 7/5, 6/3

Från början kände jag att allting skulle funka idag. Ett tuft par att möta på vilket underlag som helst men vi var aldrig riktigt hotade och att spela så bra i tre raka sätt är en otroligt mysig känsla.

3. Davis Cup Slovakien, Johan Brunström, Lacko/Polasek, 6/4, 7/5, 6/4

En av mina bästa Davis Cup matcher. Hade tränat otroligt bra och diskuterat mycket med vår kapten Fidde. Kände att jag kunde göra lite som jag ville i denna matchen och att jag hade det mesta under kontroll. Och det händer fan inte varje dag.

2. Montréal, Daniel Nestor, Bryan/Bryan, 6/7, 6/3, 10/5

Fy fan vilken match det här var. Inte nog med att jag spelade mycket bra, det gjorde vi allihopa, Daniel, Bob och Mike med. Det är den bästa dubbelmatchen jag någonsin varit delaktig i. Varje slag var hög klass och inramningen underbar. En nästan full grand stand i Montréal och nattmatch. Får gåshud att bara tänka på den matchen.

1. Dubai, Nenad Zimonjic, Davydenko/Norman, 6/1, 6/4

På en sidobana i Dubai. Har kunde jag inte sätta en fot fel. Jag vann till och med majoriteten av cross duellerna med Davydenko. Jag kunde träffa en enkrona med serven. Allt stämde. Det bara flöt på. Heaven on earth.

Det var dom 5 matcherna! Nu önskar jag er alla ett Gott Nytt År och hoppas att 2014 blir det bästa hittills för oss alla!



So here we go. My 5 best matches of 2013 and just like last time it is tournament, partner, opponents and score.

5. Stockholm, Jonas Björkman, Gonzales/Lipsky, 6/4, 6/4

The most fun match of the year and one of the most fun matches of my career. Everything went smoothly. Me and Jonas played well together and the crowd was with us from the first point. I really love my job when I get to experience things like this.

4. Wimbledon, Daniel Nestor, Schwank/Zeballos, 6/1, 7/5, 6/3

From the first point on I felt like this was going to work out. A tough team to play on any surface but we were never really threatened and to play this good in 3 straight sets is a very cosy feeling.

3. Davis Cup Slovakia, Johan Brunström, Lacko/Polasek, 6/4, 7/5, 6/4

One of my best Davis Cup matches. I had practiced really good and had a lot of positive discussions with our captain Fidde. I felt I could do as I pleased in this match and that I had it all under control. That doesn't happen often. At all!!!

2. Montréal, Daniel Nestor, Bryan/Bryan, 6/7, 6/3, 10/5

Damn this was a good match!Not only that I played extremely well, all of us did. Me, Daniel, Bob and Mike. All of us played great. This is the best doubles match I have ever been a part of. every shot had quality and the surroundings were amazing to. A pretty much full Grand Stand in Montréal and a night match. I get goosebumps just thinking of the match.

1. Dubai, Nenad Zimonjic, Davydenko/Norman, 6/1, 6/4

On a side court in Dubai. I could not put a foot wrong. I even won the majority of the cross court points against Davydenko. I could hit a 2 Euro coin with my serve. Everything worked. Heaven on earth!

There you go, the top 5 matches. Now I wish everybody a Happy New Year and hope that it will be the best year yet for all of us!

Ändrade planer. / Change of plans.

Egentligen skulle jag ju skriva om mina topp 5 matcher från 2012 nu, men tänkte det var lika bra att jag förklarar vad som hänt i December. Eller vad som inte hänt rättare sagt. Tyvärr kommer jag och Jürgen Melzer inte spela i Australien. Hans rehab har gått väldigt långsamt och det är inte ens säkert att han kan åka dit för att spela singel.

Vi visste i Shanghai att hans axel inte var bra, men det skulle inte varit några problem med att spela Australien. Nu går det inte alltid som man vill, eller nästan aldrig, så tyvärr kan vi inte börja vårat samarbete i Brisbane.

Vi har hållit kontakten flera gånger i veckan för att diskutera olika möjligheter. Och till slut kände vi att det skulle bli för svårt för honom att hinna bli redo till Australien. Jag ville inte heller hamn i en situation där jag måste leta efter en partner med bara några dagar till sign in. Det svider såklart, men vi får sikta på att börja i Zagreb istället. En tävling som jag inte vill spela i år, men nu så gör jag ju självklart det.

Så jakten på en partner började. Jag letade igenom anmälningslistorna till tävlingen, både i singel och dubbel. Så nära på en tävling är det lättast att hitta en singelspelare och det kommer bli ett kärt återseende med Kevin Anderson i Brisbane. Vi har ju spelat en tävling ihop och då gick vi till kvarten  i Wimbledon.

Sedan Paris Bercy hade jag gjort klart med Kubot att spela i Sydney eftersom Melzer skulle spela inbjudningstävlingen i Adelaide. Så jag tog diskussionen med Lukasz Kubot om att även spela Melbourne ihop. Då får vi även en tävling innan så vi kan spela in oss. Så så blev det. Alltså Kevin första veckan och sen Kubot för dom andra.

Två fantastiskt bra partners att få så nu gäller det att även jag levererar. Som sagt, det är inte ofta allt går enligt planen inom elitidrott, men det är bara att acceptera och anpassa sig.


I was supposed to write about my top 5 matches of 2012 now but I thought it was about time to let you all know what has happened in December. Or what has not happened actually. Sadly me and Jürgen Melzer will not play together in Australia. His rehab has gone very slow and it is not even sure he will be able to play singles here.

We knew already in Shanghai that his shoulder needed fixing, but it should not have been any problem with time for the new season. But, things don’t always got he way you want them to, or almost never, so we will not start our partnership in Brisbane.

We kept in touch several times a week during November and December to discuss different solutions or possibilities. And finally we both felt time was running out and he would not be able to be ready for Australia. I didn’t want to end up in a situation again where I only had a few days to look for a partner. This hurts of course, but now we will have to aim to start in Zagreb instead. A tournament I didn’t want to play this year, but of course I will now. Gladly.

So the hunt for a new partner started. I looked through the entry lists. Both for singles and doubles. This close to a tournament it is easier to find a singles guy than a doubles guy. And I will reunite with Kevin Anderson. We have played one tournament together and then we reached the quarters in Wimbledon.

Since Paris Bercy I have been set with Lukasz Kubot to play in Sydney since Melzer is supposed to play the exhibition tournament in Adelaide that week. So I talked to Lukasz about playing also Melbourne together. That way we get an extra tournament together and will be better prepared for Melbourne. So first week with Kevin and then Kubot for the remaining tournaments in Australia.

Two amazing partners to have so now it is important that I also deliver. Like I said, things don’t often go as planned in professional sport but you just have to accept it and adapt to it. 

Bottom 5.

Dom 5 bästa och sämsta matcherna från säsongen 2012. Då tänker jag bara på min individuella prestation. Enklare att beskriva det liksom.  Jag börjar med dom sämsta så jag inte känner att jag vill hoppa från en bro när jag skrivit klart inlägget. Efter kan jag se fram emot dom bra matcherna ju.

 Tävling, partner, motståndare, resultat.


5. Doha, Nenad Zimonjic, Heuy/Inglot 2/6, 2/6.

 Här var det inte mycket som fungerade för mig och oss. Det var vår första match tillsammans, vi vill båda visa varandra att vi skulle spela fantastiskt ihop. Men allting knöt sig i den här matchen. Det kan lätt bli så i säsongens första match. Jag kommer ihåg att jag kände riktigt osäker på banan och hade svårt med var jag skulle stå. Hatten av för Treat och Dominic som spelade felfritt. Sinnessjukt bra spelade dom.


4. Eastbourne, Daniel Nestor, Matkowski/Nielsen 2/6, 3/6.

 Här hittade varken jag eller Daniel någon harmoni i vårat spel. Det var grus i maskineriet från första boll. Kändes obekvämt matchen igenom. Det var bara att checka ut tidigt dagen efter.


3. Franska Öppna, Daniel Nestor, Dasnieres de Veigy/Serra 6/7, 3/6

 Paniken som man kände i andra set var inte rolig. Mer eller mindre omöjligt att tänka klart när detta inträffar. Att den här matchen hände i en Grand Slam borde räcka till att hamna på första plats. Men nej, jag har ett par matcher där jag spelade myyyyycket sämre. Tro det eller ej. Men den här sved som fan. Satan vad dåligt.


2. Båstad, Daniel Nestor, Monroe/Stadler 4/6, 3/6

 Tror inte jag har returnerat så här dålig i någon match som jag gjorde i denna. Kändes fan som att jag inte kunde träffa banan även om jag trillade på den! Jag ville så gärna fortsätta det underbara record som jag och Horia påbörjade där. Klart att det skulle hända på bana 1 också.


1. Montréal, Daniel Nestor, Flemming/Murray 3/6, 0/6

 Fy satan vad jag kan vara dålig på tennis ibland. Nästan fullsatt centrecourt i Montréal. Jag hade spelat sjukt bra i dom två matcherna innan. Och nu är jag så dålig som bara jag kan vara. Man vill bara fly. Man vill ju spela extra bra för sin partners skull på hans hemmaplan och så blir det såhär. Nä, fy fan. Såna matcher gör att man vill sluta spela. Direkt. Innan man ens tackar för matchen.

Dom 5 bästa tar vi nästa gang.


The 5 best and worst matches of the 2012 season. And with that I only mean my individual performance. Easier to describe and write about. I’m gonna start with the bad ones so I don’t feel like I have to jump off a bridge after I have finished writing. After this entry I can look forward to writing about the good matches.

 Tournament, partner, opponents, result.


5. Doha, Nenad Zimonjic, Huey/Inglot, 2/6, 2/6.

 Nothing really worked in this match for me or us in this match. It was our first match together and we really wanted to prove to each other that we were going to play amazing together. But everything went wrong in this match. It can easily happen in the first match of the season. I remember feeling very unsure of myself and was really struggling with my positioning. Have to take my hat off though to Treat and Dominik , they played amazing in this match.


4. Eastbourne, Daniel Nestor, Matkowski/Nielsen, 2/6, 3/6.

Neither me or Daniel found any harmony in our games here. Things didn’t work from the first point. Felt uncomfortable the whole match. There was nothing left to do but check out early the next day from the hotel and get the fuck out…


3. Franska Öppna, Daniel Nestor, Dasniers de Veigy/Serra, 6/7, 3/6.

The panic I felt in the second set was not fun. More or less impossible to think straight when something like this occurs. That this match happened during a Grand Slam should be enough to put make it to first place, but there are a couple of matches where I played muuuuuch worse. Believe it or not. But this one hurt. Horrible match.


2. Båstad, Daniel Nestor, Monroe/Stadler, 4/6, 3/6.

 I can’t remember returning worse than I did in this match. I felt like I could not hit the court even though I fell and landed on it! I really wanted to continue the amazing record me and Horia started . And of course it happened on court 1 also.


1. Montéal, Daniel Nestor, Flemming/Murray, 3/6, 0/6.

 My god I can be horrible at tennis sometimes. Almost a full centre court in Montréal. I had played really well in the previous two rounds before this match. And then I was so horrible, as horrible as only I can be. All you want to do is escape. You want to play well for your partner in his home tournament so when you don’t it simply adds extra stress and you end up playing like crap. Matches like this makes you want to quit tennis. Straight away. Before you even shake hands.

The 5 best matches will come in the next blog.

Val av partner. / Choice of partner.

Jag har fått lite olika förfrågningar om hur det går till när man väljer en partner. Hur man går till väga och vad man letar efter i den andres spel. Så det är väl lika bara att skiva några rader om det.


Hur man frågar är ju rätt enkelt. ”Får jag chansen på dig? Jag tror vi kan passa ihop och ha det riktigt kul.” Ungefär så funkar det faktiskt. Mycket mognare än så är det inte heller många gånger. Men det kan vara allt från ett sms, ett telefonsamtal eller att man går fram till personen i fråga under en tävling. Ofta sker detta i slutet av säsongen, efter Us Open normalt sett. Allt är dock otroligt hysch hysch och hemligt. Men en sak är säker, på touren förblir inget hemligt, det är ett litet dagis när det kommer till rykten faktiskt.


Vad letar man efter då? Ja där blir det genast lite krångligare. Alla är ju olika och alla söker olika. Men det är inte alltid så att ett partnerskap som man tror ska fungerar gör just det. Och ibland funkar dom som man aldrig gav en chans egentligen. Ofta gör tillfälligheterna större skillnad än kvalitéerna.


Först och främst söker du ju någon som spelar på den sidan du inte returnerar på. Det kan låta lite löjligt men det är det viktigaste skulle jag vilja påstå. Det är inte lätt att byta sida, det går, men det är inte lätt. Man blir ju bra på det man specialicerar sig på. Att det är svårt att byta sida har ingenting att göra med saknaden av talang i ditt spel. Det är faktiskt störst skillnad vid nät för dina inbrytningar. Dubbel går så mycket fortare än singel så det är dina instinkter som måste sitta. Och dom är inte lätta att lära upp på nytt.


Vissa söker till exempel efter en storservare medans andra söker en bra returnerare. Jag har ändrat min åsikt om just det under mina år på touren. I början av min karriär ville jag ha någon som returnerade bra, men nu gillar jag det bättre om han kan serva. Kan ju ha att göra med mina tre år med Horia och hans hästspark till serve.


En sak som jag märkt är otroligt viktigt för mig är jag kommer bra överens socialt med min partner. Jag måste vara kompis med honom. Annars blir träningarna inget bra, snacket på banan funkar inte och tilliten finns inte där. Där är jag kanske lite ensam dock. Jag vet att många inte funkar så, många ser det som ett jobb. Du stämplar in, gör dina timmar och går sen skilda vägar. Jag önskar nästan att jag funkade så, men tyvärr inte.


Så när du bestämt dig för allt detta så sitter du ner med din eventuella partner och diskuterar nästa säsong. Allt från en coach till en fysio till schemat. Oftast är schemat det viktigaste, man måste komma överens där. Jag och Jürgen satt på hans hotellrum under tävlingen i år och kollade på schemat tillsammans. Vi var mer eller mindre totalt eniga förrutom en eller två tävlingar så vi kände att det var bara att köra på.


Så nu gäller det att Jürgen blir frisk och kry så vi kan kämpa mot alla dom andra. Vi mot dom. Vi mot världen.


I’ve gotten a few questions and comments on how it works when you look for a new partner. What you are looking for in his game. So why not write a few lines about just that.


How you ask is pretty simple. “Do you wanna go steady with me? I think we are a good fit and can have a lot of fun together!” It kind of works that way actually. The maturity level is actually not much higher if I can be honest. It can be everything from a text message to a phone call to talking to the player at a tournament. Normally it all takes place after the Us Open. Everything is very secret and no one should know anything. But one thing is for sure, on tour nothing stays a secret. It’s a real kindergarten when it comes to things like this and rumours.


So what do you look for? This is more complicated and everybody is different and look for different things. Sometimes a partnership that you think for sure will work doesn’t and the vice versa. Often circumstances make a bigger difference than the qualities of the players.


First of all you look for someone who plays the side you don’t. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but it could be the most important thing. It is not easy to change sides, it’s possible, but it’s not easy. You become good at what you specialize in. That it is difficult to change sides has nothing to do with the lack of talent in your game. The biggest difference is at the net when you need to cross. Doubles is much quicker game than singles so it is your instincts that have to work. And those are not easy to retrain.


Some guys search for a big server and some for a better returner. I have actually changed my mind about this over the years. I started out on tour looking for a good returner but have changed and prefer a partner with a solid good serve. Might have something to do with having spent 3 years with Horia and his canon of a serve.


One thing that is very important for me is that I need to get along socially with my partner. I have to be good friends with him. Otherwise the practices are not any good, the communication on court is bad and the trust is not there. I might be a bit alone in this. I know a lot of guys see this as a job and that you simply punch in and do your hours and go your separate ways at the end of the day. I almost wish I worked like that.


So when you have finally decided of all of this you sit down with you eventual partner and discuss anything from a coach, a physio or the schedule. Often the schedule is the most important, you need to agree on it and try to stick to it. Me and Jürgen sat in his hotel room in Shanghai and look at the schedule and discussed different options. We were in complete agreement except for a tournament or too, which was perfect really.


So now Jürgen needs to get fit so we can start fighting against all the others. Us against them. Us against the world.

Mör / Tender

Det är inte lätt att hitta nåt att skriva om under en off season. Men jag ska få ihop några inlägg innan året är slut. Har varit bedrövlig på det, jag vet. Blir ett inlägg hur man bestämmer sig för en dubbelpartner, topp 5 bästa matcherna och dom 5 sämsta plus lite annat hoppas jag.

Hur som helst. Just nu är det svårt att skriva mycket för att min hjärna fungerar ju knappt (vilket är normalt) men min fingrar orkar knappt trycka ner tangenterna på datorn. Försäsongsträningen är väl något av det tråkigaste en idrottsman kan göra. Speciellt när han är lite äldre och gjort det så många gånger förr. Jag alltså. Men jag är nöjd med hur det gått hittills. 

Dagarna börjar runt 08.00 och jag är inte tillbaka förrän 12 timmar senare. Hela dagen går åt att behandla och träna. Denna gången har jag lagt ner mycket mer tid än vanligt för att rehaba min rygg som har varit dålig mer eller mindre min hela karriär. Träningen har blivit en balansgång ju äldre jag blivit. Jag tränar inte mer nu, men jag tränar bättre. Mer kvalitativt. Och jag känner att jag håller på att bli starkare än nånsin. Sen om det är sant eller ej, det vet inte jag. Jag försöker lura mig att det är så i alla fall.

Men det här med att träna hårt är speciellt. Man blir mer eller mindre helt asocial. Man orkar inte. Äta, träna, sova. Mer finns inte på schemat. Och på kvällarna är man ju ett vrak i soffan. Man orkar knappt schamponera håret för att det är helt plötsligt så otroligt långt upp till huvudet...

Så nu börjar fingrarna titta tillbaka på mig för dom vill inte skriva mer, men dom vet att dom måste skriva detta på Engelska med och det trivs dom inte med just nu...


It's not easy to find something to write about during the off season. But I will find a few things to write about still before the year is over. I've been horrible, I know. I'm gonna write one entry about how you decide for a doubles partner, top 5 matches of the year and the bottom 5 plus a few more things.

Anyway. Right now it is tough to write because my brain is barely working (which is normal) but my fingers barely have any energy to push the buttons on the computer. Pre season training is probably the most boring thing an athlete can do. Especially when you are bit older and you have done it so many times before. Like me. But I am pleased with how it is going so far.

The days start around 08.00 and I am not back until 12 hours later. The whole day is spent practicing and treating. This time I have spent much more time than usual rehabbing my back that has bothered me my whole career. Training has become more of a balancing act than anything else as the years have passed. I don't train more now, but I do it better. Better quality. And I feel I am becoming stronger than ever. Not sure if that is true or not, but at least I try to fool myself that that is the case.

The thing about training hard is a bit special. You become very anti social, you simply don't have the energy. Eat, train, sleep. There's just not time for anything else. And in the evenings I am simply a wreck in the couch. I barely have energy to shampoo my hair in the shower because all of a sudden my head feels like it is too far away from me.

My fingers are really tired now. They were tired already at the end of the Swedish part of the blog, so now they are really pissed off with me after writing the English part as well... 

Off season.

Träningen är igång. Och jag är sjukt trött varje kväll. Orkar inte göra mycket alls på kvällarna. I år har jag försökt vara lite smart (ja, smart) och inte börja träna för mycket tennis för tidigt. Så jag började med att bara köra fitness första veckan. Sen andra veckan blev det bara 3 tennispass. När man är en gammal dinosaurie som jag så får man börja tänka på kroppen mer än sin tennis. För jag vill inte gå igenom ett 2012 igen så som kroppen var då. Så jag jobbar på rätt hårt just nu.

Jag har inte kommit upp i full träning än, men växlar mellan 2-3 pass per dag. Nästa vecka har jag tänkt att det ska bli 1 tennispass och sen 2 fitnesspass. Och tuffaren än nu. Då kommer jag nog inte må så bra på kvällarna. Men det är så det är. Vem fan gillar försäsongsträningen?!?

Vilan var dock underbart även om det inte var tillräckligt, som vanligt. Dom veckorna går fortast på hela året. I början känner man att dagarna känns otroligt långa eftersom man inte gör någonting. Sen helt plötsligt har 3 veckor gått och man måste börja träna. Vad hände?!?

Men nu är jag i alla fall igång och jakten på att komma i så bra form som möjligt har börjat. Både jag och Jürgen har ju saker vi ska bli friska från. Men det ska inte bara bli bra, det ska bli bättre än innan. 


The practicing has started. And I am incredibly tired every evening. I don't have any energy left to do anything at all. This year i tried to be a bit smart (yes, smart) and not start to practice too much tennis too soon. So I started with just doing fitness the first week. Then the second week I practiced tennis 3 days. When you are an old dinosaur like me, then you have to think about your body before your tennis. Because I do not want to go through another 2012 the way my body was then, so I am working really hard at it.

I have not started to practice fully yet, so I do 2-3 sessions a day. Next week I have planned to do at least 1 tennis session and 2 fitness a day. And tougher than now. Pretty sure I wont feel good in the evenings then. But that is how it is. Who the fuck likes pre season practice anyway?!?

The rest was wonderful even if it wasn't enough, as usual. Those weeks are the quickest of the year. In the beginning you feel that the days are very slow as you have nothing to do. Then all of a sudden 3 weeks have passed and you have to start practicing. What happened?!?

But now I am up and running and the hunt to get into great shape has started. Both me and Jürgen have things we need to get fit from. But we are not only going to get fit, we are going to get better than we were before.